Book of Gold

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Book Of Gold is the 5th album by GLDN. Throughout the 7 main tracks, one of the distinguishing features of Book Of Gold is refrain. Most of the songs have a very simple and stripped-down structure in which the riffs and cycles are played over and over, slowly layering images in the listener's mind. With many spaces left unfilled, Book Of Gold, as with other GLDN albums, has a recognizable soundtrack-like quality, maybe these are themes for a Noir-ish movie which lacks a happy ending, or, as the tittle suggests, an orphic book you found on some dusty shelf in the corner of an antiquarian bookshop.

GLDN's current line-up is: Kota Saito (guitar, voice, etc), Satoru Ito (guitar) and Ryo Tashiro (drums).

横浜/東京を中心に活動する3人組GLDNの2016年リリースの8曲入りNEW CD。

---bush bash 柿沼実

M01.Sea Song
M02.Hawk Up The Sky
M03.Sad Hip
M04.Book of Gold
M05.Stone Mud
M06.She Took His Arm
M08.Chasing A Ghost


Oct 11, 2016 Release


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